These are houses that won’t work for commercial developers and are too far gone for landlords. They’ve been empty for a long period of time and are in serious disrepair. Jubilee Ministries renovates these houses and sells them for homeowner occupied properties. The profit from the sale of these homes is then reinvested into another purchase and the work continues, strengthening Holland’s neighborhoods.

Midtown Center


The Midtown Center property is a development of Jubilee Ministries. Suites on the three floors in the Midtown Center house a mixture of civic, educational, arts, religious and youth nonprofits.

Study Hall Rentals


On the second floor of the Midtown Center you’ll find The Study Hall: A 6,000 square foot venue with additional area for buffet service, escort table or registration booths, perfect for your next event. Our focus is on you: we’re here to take care of all your questions and needs. We strive to help you as much as possible regarding set up, the arrival of vendors, and during the event itself.

We’d love to hear from you!

96 West 15th St. | Holland, MI | 49423 | info@jubileeministriesinc.com

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96 West 15th Street, Suite 206 

Holland, MI 49423


Tel: 616.392.8191

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